Tour overview

Kushma Bungee is famous as World’s second highest and Asia’s highest normal bungee swing. The excitement of Kusma’s Bungee Jumping provoked curiosity among the adventure lovers. In the lower regions of Himalayan magnificence, Kushma bungee is a new experience. It’s unquestionably the experience aficionados list of things to get and container rundown to numerous people worldwide. In light of the Kali Gandaki waterway’s crevasse, Bungee jumping in Kushma is one of the most adventurous activity includes the marvelous common settlement. Kali gandaki is the deepest george in the world.  Bungee Jumping in Nepal is one of the most well-known adventure activities. The world’s second-most highest, generally energizing, and exciting Bungee Jumping lies in the Kushma Parvat, Nepal.

longside the tremendous all-encompassing perspectives in the Kaligandaki gorge in the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains, the Kushma’s suspension connects from where the Bungee Jumping is into activity. The Bungee Jumping is in the 520 m in long suspension bridge, which associates Kushma of Parvat to the Balewa of Baglung. The height of Bungee Jumping is 224 m., making it the world’s second-most elevated regular Bungee hopping heaven. It is the highest Bungee jumping in Nepal.

It is a One trip from Pokhara, and however, on the off chance that you need to investigate the higher amount of this region, it takes two or three days. The social ranges and normal magnificence of Kushma offer more to the world-class experience lovers in its brilliant settlement. Aside from the comfortable and comfortable clamors, investigate the world’s second-most noteworthy Bungee Jumping in Nepal with the rush. Previously, Bhotekoshi Bungee jumping by last resort was the highest bungee in Nepal.

Kushma is home to three of the suspension extensions of Nepal and one mechanical scaffold. Walking around the suspension spans are energizing and courageous to many. Additionally, Kushma has everything. Kushma’s Bungee Jumping took experience in Nepal to the next level.

Heart beating rush of Bungee Jumping in Kushma is a critical movement to encounter. Likewise, The Kaligandaki’s magnificence, with the tremendous Himalayan perspectives and the great provincial social attractions of Kushma, this Bungee Jumping is a movement that endures forever. Kushma unquestionably added another measurement to the experience devotees and pulled in many individuals with its massiveness contributions.